CTA color on front page

I searched but found nothing for this topic so I hope someone can help me out.
It seems like I can only change one of the colors (the right one) or am I mistaken? It seems to be related to the PRIMARY color but have to I change the other one…the button at the left?
And also how do I change the color of the MESSAGE between the animated text and the buttons?


PS: If the solution is CSS related pls be very specific about where to put it. I am a newbie…and for some reason the Editing option has disappeared from my WP menu…?

I have the same question, I can not change the font color or size.
Thank you.

Ok so heres the steps to change the color for the left button border and text.

Firstly I used Theme Junkies custom css plugin. After installing it you go to the appereance tab in wordpress and click on customize. On the bottom of the left menu you should see custom css click on it and you’ll get a text box to put the css code. I’ll paste the code below you have to insert the hex code for the colors you want to use right after the # symbol and have the ; right after the hex code. The color section of the code controls the text and border-color is for the border of the button. Then theres the code for when the button is hovered over which should be different color wise. I’ll also include the code you need to put to change the color for the text between the animated string and the buttons it’ll be the header h4 bit. Just put the color you want for that after the # symbol like before.

.button.light {
color: #;
border-color: #;
.button.light:hover {
color: #;
background: #;
.header-container h4 {
color: #;

You can also change the color for the header text in the colors section of that customize screen by changing the text color if I remember correctly, but that changes the text color overall for your site so using that code above is more flexible. Font sizes can be changed in the customize screen by clicking on Fonts.

Thanks a lot, Person. I did it and works fine!

No prob glad it worked out.

Finally had time to do it.

Thanks a lot. Works like a charm.

You’re my hero!