CTA Button in Header Menu


I’ve tried to do some research to add a button on the header menu of my website www.thepropertystagers.ca but the code I inserted did not work. The code I used was from this article (https://athemes.com/forums/topic/adding-a-button-to-my-header-menu/). I changed the button ID to 1007 which I believe is correct for the Menu Item “Get Started” which I would like to be red with white bold text.

Thanks in advance.


The code you’ve added needs to be modified a bit.

  1. #mainnav needs to be replaced with #site-navigation, because the first one doesn’t exist in Talon;
  2. every instance of #menu-item-1007 needs to be replaced with .menu-item-1007, because menu-item-1007 is the menu item’s class, not the ID.

Thanks Vlad, worked perfectly!