@#%$@ css

How the heck did anyone ever learn CSS, it has to be the most confusing thing in the world. I’m trying though! If I want to change the color of a heading like in your demo, what our clients say, I used firebug by right clicking on it, clicking inspect element, and found it to be h3.widget-title so I went to my widget css styles box and tried to make a css rule, but it had no effect on the color.

In the demo there is no custom CSS for that section. The color is just set to white from Edit Row.

I don’t know what you did, but it’s probably better to install a custom CSS plugin and add your styles there.

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Each section though, your headings are different colors, red, black, white. That wasn’t done with custom CSS?

No, it wasn’t done with custom CSS. Why don’t you simply go to Edit Row and set a color?

This is how the white color is set for the testimonials section (What our clients say): http://snag.gy/aUd1V.jpg

Because I have other problems too. When I change any body text color, it also changes the color of the labels for my contact form 7 form.

That option I mentioned, if you’re also referring to it, changes the color to every piece of text in that row.

If you just want to change the title or some other text in that widget, than yeah, you’ll need to use custom CSS.