CSS style changes within posts don't work


if i want to change the look of certain words within my posts, e.g. bigger font size or different color it just don’t work.

It doesn’t matter if i change it with an editor or change the code itself, it’s all ignored.

The font-size is overwritten by the body-tag from bootstrap.min.css. The font color is overwritten by the body-tag from style.css.

Guess the ccs style within posts should overwrite any other styles from css-files?

Just recognized that the problem is only on the startpage. On post view all style changes are visible.

Can i make them visible on the startpage too?


You will have to post your page link so we can inspect that closer. Some start page styling is applied trough inline css so you will have to use more specific css selectors with !important.

Also describe which elements you want to change on your front page and in which manner.

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Thanks for the reply. I know now, it’s the difference between excerpt view, where the css style changes are ignored. And the full content view, where they are displayed. Is there a way to display css changes on excerpt view too?

Site is http://neverness.de

Another problem is below the posts you can only see the tags, but not the categories. How can i add categories?

Thanks in advance!


If you want to style excerpt, you should no that there is only one paragraph so you can only change font size, color, etc.

You can apply custom css code below with simple custom css plugin in order to style the excerpt:

.blog .entry-summary p {
    font-size: 16px;

In order to style excerpt Continue Reading apply custom css code below:

.blog .entry-summary a.more-link {
    font-size: 18px;

Tags and categories should display normally, you don’t need to enable them http://screencast.com/t/KqjSpmMi4. Please try to disable your additional plugin one by one and try again, because some of scripts are causing errors in console http://screencast.com/t/fNhFdBpLQmqg.

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