CSS questions Talon Pro Theme

Hello support team,

I have a question about the Talon Pro Theme


How can I (by CSS)
1: Give the current (chosen) menu-item a different colour.
2: Change the background colour of the mobile menu?
3: Change the menu link of the mobile menu?
4: Change the hover menu link of the mobile menu?

Tjeerd Engel

p.s. Where can I find the submenu items in the mobile menu?


.main-navigation .current-menu-item a { color: #f33f3f;}

[off-canvas] { background-color: #333; }

.mobile-menu a { color: #444; }

.mobile-menu a:hover { color: #333; }

There’s a + sign to open the submenus.

Thanks Vlad, Great :slight_smile:

But how can I also give the logo (box) in the mobile menu a #fff colour?

This would do it:

.mobile-branding { background-color: #fff; }

Awesome! Thanx