Css out of order - "You May be Interested in (cross sells)" section


I am having issue with the css in ‘You may be Interested in’ section which naturally comes from cross-sell fields.

The ‘Select Options’ & ‘Add to Basket’ buttons are overlapping with the container. have a look here:

Please help as soon as possible.


Hi, can you please post the URL of your site?

cant share the url due to permission issues at our end…

i can just share the screenshot. :frowning:

can you just give me some hint? haven’t you seen the issue same as in pic in your environment?

Then I can’t help you if I can’t see the site because I need to check directly the css for those box items.

Hi again,

I have managed to host the part of our website… Please have a look at the url:


Looking forward to here from you asap.



Thank you for making it online.
Please apply this css code below to fix the button:

.woocommerce a.button {
    font-size: 12px;

.woocommerce .cart-collaterals .cross-sells ul.products li, .woocommerce-page .cart-collaterals .cross-sells ul.products li {
    width: 48% !important;

put the code above using custom css plugin or in your child theme

Thanks alot :slight_smile: worked very well!