Css for service area containers

So, using the inspection tool, I find the class for these containers is:
service col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-6

And, on right side, under “styles” it shows “element.style” and allows me to add a nice background color to just that small container. Lovely. But I can’t save that. So I want to add that style to my custom CSS or childtheme, but how?

I’ve tried to add the background color to the class in simple css:

.service col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-6 {
background-color: #F0C8A1 !important;

but no luck . . . Obviously, I’m struggling just to figure out what’s on the screen, and just learning CSS. Javascript and PHP are way way way beyond me at this point. Any help welcome.


Try this:

.service .col-md-4 .col-sm-6 .col-xs-6 {
    background-color: #F0C8A1 !important;

In CSS, the class are start with “dot”, as you can see in above: .service .col-md-4 etc
Then for ID, it start with #, example: #pg-123-2 etc

Awan – Thank you so much. I only located your answer today. Had finally sorted it out for myself, but your clear and helpful note was right on target, and would have helped a beginner like me a lot, had I found it :-). I’ll try to check in forums rather than waiting for e-mails in future. Your help is much appreciated.