CSS breaks down on refresh

Hi guys,

I am building a website for meself garsky.co.uk/english (path-domain that is)

All is lovely but I accidentally discovered that on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S6) on Chrome browser the following happens.

I go to any of my pages (but not the front one) and it either does not load the header or if it loads it does something scary…

it breaks the css and alas the raw html is on the screen!

It always happens tho if you are on the page and refresh it. (I refreshed because the header was now loading; but css breaks down if you just randomly reload it in any case)

SO a double problem there.

I really hope we can fix this.

You can for example try




Just to add - home page is doing the same now.

And it seems its doing this only on S6 - not on iPad or PC

Hello there,

I don’t have Samsung S6 device, but I tested this on another android device, and it pages are displayed fine, even after several reloads - refresh http://tinypic.com/r/eaickj/9

Can you try to check this on another device, or try to clear cache on your smartphone, and maybe try to reinstall chrome. Also if you are using some caching plugin on your WP installations, also try to clear its cache and disable it afterwards. Then test your page again.

All the Best!