CSS animation in Visual Composer dont work with Moesia


Dear Vlad,

Thank you for your amazing Moesia theme and thank you for making a free version of it.

Today we installed it on one of our sites that built with Visual Composer

After activating the child theme that we built it locally we found everything in our website was broken finally we found the issue it was incompatible or something like that with visual composer (css animation) feature.

We removed all the css animation from the site and now everything work perfectly.

Can you please tell us how to solve this issue?

Best Regards,


It might be that the animations from the theme are conflicting with the ones from VC. You could try disabling the theme animations from Customize > General.


Thank you for your quick response.

We tried it but didn’t work. Is there anything else We can try?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t know. Can you post a link to your website so I can see the issue?


Of course


Sorry, is the layout broken now? I’m asking cause I don’t see any animations so I’m guessing this is how it’s supposed to look like? I would need to see it broken in order to try and figure out what’s wrong.


You are right we disabled the theme css animation and VC animation for this page. This page under development, contain VC css animation for two images and two text block at the top of the page you can see their locations but you cant see them at all until we disable the VC css animation for these elements


Have you made any code changes? I’m seeing a js error in the console. It might be that VC is also using Waypoints to toggle animations and it’s conflicting with the one bundled in the theme (not sure about this).

Try to go to functions.php, search for waypoint then comment out both lines where waypoints is enqueued. Than go to scripts.js and remove the code below this //Waypoints and below //Make the menu sticky.


Now everything work perfectly but the menu is no longer sticky, is there a way to get it back sticky?


Dear Vlad,

Your theme is great and your support is awesome, we never found free support like yours, we really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,


Wait a bit please. We’ve changed the way the sticky menu works because the old way was giving us some trouble. So now it’s not dependent on Waypoints anymore. We’ll update the theme in a bit.


You guys rock!


Alright, please get the latest version from here. It won’t be live until the guys at WP review it.

So go again to functions.php and remove the waypoints script, like you did before. You don’t need to worry about scripts.js.


Thank you so much now everything works perfectly.


Glad it’s working for you. Feel free to give a rating here :slight_smile:


I did, You really deserve more than 5 stars.


Thanks :wink:


I was reading through this, followed the instructions and now I have css animations through visual composer. However, I’m on Moesia Pro (Great purchase for the extra options!) and my sticky menu is not sticky anymore. I’m currently on Moesia Pro v1.20. Was there supposed an update to the sticky menu so it didn’t depend on waypoints? Thank you for any help!


Moesia Pro wasn’t updated yet with the new code, but it will be in a couple of hours. Thanks for understanding.