CSS and JS files with mixed content

I am using the plugin and getting this error message:

CSS and JS files with mixed content
These files contain http links, which causes mixed content.
To fix, follow these instructions
Theme file: wp-content/themes/moesia/inc/prettyphoto/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.min.js
http link: http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Our site is located at https://woahp.com

Since the site http://platform.twitter.com has a valid secure connection at https://platform.twitter.com can that be updated in your theme?


Please open up moesia/inc/prettyphoto/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.min.js in a code editor and edit all the http links to https if you want to get rid of the mixed content warnings, but those links are not surely will work with https, since they are https, so if you can’t see any affect on your site, only the notices in developer tools, better leave it as is.

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