Crelly Slider

Hi, I’m trying to install Crelly Slider by inserting the shortcode into html module in live composer, but the slide just keeps loading forever?
Any advice?


And if you exit the edit mode from Live Composer after you’ve added your shortcode? Is it working then?
We’ve just tested with Crelly in the header for which we also provide integration.

No, it never loads so after I exit the edit mode there’s no slider.
If I insert the shortcode from the back end ( without live composer) the slider shows properly. But if afterwords I edit this page with live composer the slider disappears??? and when I close the live composer the slider doesn’t reappear.

This is all on a Composer page template.
I also created a sidebar with live composer and this is the result

After adding the sidebar new text can only be added below the sidebar and the space left of the sidebar must remain empty???

Finally the search form doesn’t have a button so it’s impossible to search.

Ok, I could insert the slider in the header and use a template with a sidebar but I would like all to work with the live composer because it gives me a great flexibility in creating the page.


I just wanted to know if there are some news?


Sorry, your reply got lost.
I just tested and got the same results. But after I published the changes I went back to the edit mode and the slider was working. Still working after I left the edit mode. So there’s a minor incompatibility between the two plugins it seems.
The search form doesn’t need a button - it works by tapping enter just like all search forms work, with or without a button.