Crelly Slider With Wide Images

I want to use wide (1920x600) slide images with Crelly Slider, but have run into a problem. Because of Crelly’s one-size-fits-all ‘Scale’ function, text size and placement on smartphones, especially when not rotated, is less than ideal. Text gets very small, and is pushed to the top of the slider. I can see why this is happening: Crelly’s ‘Scale’ function is dramatically reducing the slider height because the default width/height ratio is > 3:1, which is affecting font size and line height. This will become more of an issue as screen resolutions are increasing.

Ideally I’d like the slider to adjust height scaling based on screen width, but meanwhile, I’d be ok with using custom css to either adjust the slider font size or load a different slider on devices with screen width < 500px (roughly).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d like to piggy back on his question. The website I’m building is using the Perth Pro Theme and the Crelly Slider is:

1st) Not strectching across the entire screen,

2nd) Looks completely different in Chrome vs. Safari & Firefox

I have had ZERO issues with the slider theme in Sydney…could I import that slider into Perth Pro?


I too would like the slider to adjust height scaling based on screen width. Is this possible?