Crelly Slider Width

I can not get the Cruelly Slider to extend to the edges of the site. I’ve followed the set up menu, searched the forum but must be overlooking something or have caused something to happen because here are the issues I’m currently seeing.

  1. the slideshow is not extending to the edges of the screen.
  2. font is not showing up centered on slide show
  3. would like to remove the “flash” between images as they rotate so it’s only picture to picture without the “flash” element between slides.

Thank you in advance and sorry if this was addressed somewhere else that I could not find.

Theme: Rocked Pro

Hello @mrmanagement,

  1. Please try to use Full HD images to cover whole page width.

  2. You can move text in slide’s settings.

  3. Please try to use Slide left as In/Out animation for each slide.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I still can not get the images to spread across the entire page. I’ve changed the page type from Front Page to Full Image or Crelly Slider-wide but the slideshow area stays the same. I’ve tried to update image sizes and this did not help either. Images are currently built to 1040 x 500, which was the original image size settings in the Crelly Slider plug-in. Inside of the Crelly Slider editor I’ve tried to change the height and width sizes and this is not working either.


Any help in trying to get the slider to its correct size is very appreciative.

If the images should not be built to the 1040x500 sizes, than what size should they be built to?

Thank you again!

Looks like your issue is not so simple.

I kindly suggest you to contact Crelly Slider support regarding this issue.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi @mrmanagement,
Did you manage to get a full screen thing happening?