Crelly Slider/Theme Slider Replacement

Good Morning,
I am trying to replace the home page slider that comes with the template and Crelly Slider with something else because neither provide the functionality that I am looking for. Template slider - too restrictive in number of images and programming of button. Crelly Slider - can’t get the text to size correctly without it going off screen, and cannot get button to position correctly- both mobile issues.

I’ve been looking at implementing Smart Slider 3 onto my site ( and am testing it out on my staging site:

I am trying to get Smart Slider 3 to replicate the positioning of Crelly and Theme Slider (to allow image to flow under header). See white space above image on the following image:

Is there anyway to insert Smart Slider 3 into my site so that it works in the same way that Crelly or Template slider works?

Thank you.


Hello Andy,

Visiting the links of your staging and live sites, both are displaying Smart Slider 3. I didn’t see any white space at the top of it as seen in the screenshot. Have you been able to manage it?