Crelly slider preload image and blur

Hello there,

Is it possible to deactivate the round white with blue preloader sign and the blur of the first image?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



To disable the preloader on your site, please add the following code using custom css plugin:
.preloader {display: none;}

Then, to disable the blur effect in your Crelly slider, you can manage from:
Go to Dashboard > Crelly Slider > Edit slider > Edit slide > set the value of In animation to none

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks for your quick reply, but it did not do the trick:

I guess that the .preloader class is the preloader of the Perth Pro theme itself. But what I meant is the preloader of the Crelly slider. I would like to NOT show that one.

Furthermore, The In Animation option was already set to none. But still, when the page loads, the first slide of the Crelly slides is there immediately, but blurred. After a second or so (while the preloader is there), the image gets not blurred. I would like to get rid of this blurred thing.

I hope that I made myself a little bit more clear. Unfortunately I cannot give you a webaddress, since the website is only locally accessible (for now).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Eric (from a stormy and very rainy Holland ;-( )

Oh I see,

Then let me know if the following css code is working:

.crellyslider > .cs-preloader > .cs-bg{
	filter: initial;
	-webkit-filter: initial;
	-moz-filter: initial;
	-o-filter: initial;
	-ms-filter: initial;

.crellyslider > .cs-preloader > .cs-loader{
	z-index: 0;

Hi it works.

But how can i change the Crellyslider preloader to a custom preloader.
For the Theme i know the codesnippet but not for the Crellyslider.

thxs for your answer!

Felix (from a stormy and very rainy Germany, too…)

How can I create a partial overlay with plugin and a possible change of the arrow buttons. Similar partial overlay can be found at