Crelly slider not displaying


I am currently using crelly slider to try and create a header but it doesn’t seem to be displaying. I keep getting the error “the slider hasn’t been found” despite making it in the crelly slider plugin (which is active and installed) The code has been taken from the crelly slider plugin which it says to copy into where you wish to display the slider.

I have placed it in the header settings area in the customisation menu. What have I missed?

Finally, can I add a video (time-lapse city skyline) as the background to the slider instead of an image. Even better, which would solve all these issue is If I can use a video in the background of a row in the page editor. For example instead of using an image for a parallax background could I use a video? (It wouldn’t have to be parallax effect).

Appreciate your help on the subject :+1:

Hello there,

In the customizer panel (Appearance > Customize), go to Header area > Headery type; enable Crelly Slider for “Front page header type” and “Site header type”. Go back to Header area. then open Crelly Slider option. Then enter the correct alias of your active Crelly Slider.