Crelly slider in mobile conflicts with logo and menu


Any solutions to how I can either remove the crelly slider(and just have the top of the front page the same as the other pages; background photo, logo and menu) or make the logo and make work with the crelly slider?


If you mean they’re overlapping, this is something that is fixed and will be available in the next theme version. Probably tomorrow.

That’s what I mean :slight_smile:

I’ve made some customization (removing space, changing colors in woocommerce, flipping the sidebar to the right). Any way I can keep these canges when updating and not do it all over again. I dont know how to make a child theme…

If they’re just CSS changes you can move them in a custom CSS plugin.

That worked fine, thank you. How is the update coming along?

Should be live in 30-40 minutes.