Crelly Slider hangs at start

I am using Crelly Slider on my site
Recently I have noticed that when I type the site address in my browser (Firefox) it shows logo, menu and blurry first slide (from slider) picture. It also show the kind of “loading” indicator (small white circle in the middle of the screen with dark blue up and down lines inside). The “loading” indicator is animated so you can think that something is going on, while nothing happens. You can wait long time (longest I have tested is 15 minutes) with no change. It is normally enough to refresh the browser (F5) and all start to work as it should.
My friend also told me that this has happened few times on his Chrome browser and I have also notices this in my iPhone.
The issue does not appear all the time - but unfortunately often enough to make a service ticket.
You may experience it by trying to type the address manually in the browser once a while.

Hello Maciek,

Yes, I have noticed this issue on your site after I refreshed the page few times and it does look like a bug to me.

I kindly suggest you to contact Crelly Slider support to report it, because author will be able to update the plugin to make the fixed version available for all users.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Yes, I did report this to plugin support and I have got a fix afternoon. Very quick reaction !
Soon there will be public release to fix this in all instances.

Thank you. Request RESOLVED.

You are welcome Maciek!

I’m glad that it’s resolved :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.