Creating workflow section for Astrid

Another question; what widget if any did you use for the workflow section on the front page? (Workflow, First we dream, Next we design, Lastly we build)

I would like to create that section with my own images and text.

Thanks again


Just regular text widgets with text in the first one and <img src="http://…"/> in the rest.



I was able to place images as you have indicated, but what is the code to get the text centered floating on top of the image?I don’t how to do this.

Thank you very much


There’s no code, the text is simply added in the image itself with an image editor.

Hi! I’m having the same issue. How can I place the text widgets side by side?



Doesn’t look like your having the same issue. You need to change Widget Width from the widget Styling options.

Hi, its Bootstrap so Im guessing youd just add a row (containers are already there) then something like

text and image stuff
text and image stuff

Etc? Thats what Ill try first anyway.