Creating a "what else we provide" row

Hello so I want to know where to add the additional services below the our services section. also what would I put as the URL to link the see more service button to the “What else we provide” section. Do I just add more services or make them pages or what? Sorry I am a bit confused forgot to attach my link

Hi Michael,

you can add more services as you need and it will automathic displayed on your service widget.

and then if you want to have a special page to display your services, firstly you need one new page to put all of your services.
then you need to create a button using call-to-action widget and put the link of your services page to the button

Hi Awan,
I guess I am still confused. I don’t want to link it to another page to display additional services. I just want it to be a whole other block or row (not sure what it is called) So there is the “Our Services” block with the 3 services. Then on the pro demo there is a “what else we provide” with the three more services and icons. How do I go about creating such a thing? And as far as my call to action widget, how do I make it just lead me down the page. Meaning the button on the pro under “our services” there is a see more services button that simply leads you to the next row. How do I do that? Thank you

Oh I see, firstly you need to get the ID element of the section (you can inspect element to getting the element ID by using chrome dev tools). see this capture

then you can put the element ID to the link of the CTA by adding a # prefix. So, the link of the CTA should be #pg-220-1 or the link can also like this

But how do I make the what else we provide row? Like do I do a text widget or what? I am trying to create a row that looks like the one on the pro

you can use “Call to action” wiget.

Hi Michael,

You can checkout our backend for the demo here:
There you’ll be able to see how we configured each row.

Thank you so much for that link! I am new to all of this that really helps. I do have another couple questions though. Is there an easy way to navigate through chrome dev tools to find the ID? All I do is hold my mouse over each row in the element code until the right one is highlighted. Another question: How do I adjust the size of each row on my website? for example, I want the “Do you want to” section smaller,my website link again: I tried adding padding to it but didn’t seem to do anything.

You would just need identify one .panel-grid, collapse it and you’ll see them one after the other. I probably don’t understand correctly what you mean though.

If you look in the backend for that link I’ve posted, you’ll notice that the inner rows have a padding of 0. You changed it for the outer row as far as I can see.

Not entirely sure I understand. I don’t know how to read code so I just am looking for the div class and scroll down till the right panel is highlighted then it shows me the page #. How do I change the padding for inner rows?

How about you do this instead: the IDs are like this
#pg-{page ID}-{row position}
For your front page they start from #pg-571-0 up to #pg-571-11.

The padding is changed just like for any other row. You go into the Layout Builder widget by clicking on Edit and then click on the wrench icon > Edit Row > Theme > Padding for each of you two inner rows.

Thanks for the ID tip. For the padding, I am still confused. In the backend demo link for the “do you want to” part only has 50px for the entire layout builder row. So that is what I have on mine. So shouldn’t it do the same thing? Sorry I just don’t get what you are saying

The Layout Builder row has that 50px padding. What you want to do is edit the 2 inner rows that are contained in that Layout Builder and set the padding to 0, just like you set the 50px value for the outer row. You can see all of this in that backend demo.

Think of the Layout Builder widget like a page builder within a page builder.

Feel free to send an admin account at vlad[at] if you can’t figure it out and I’ll do it for you.

I see now, I didn’t add the 0… Thank you for your help. If I have more questions do you prefer for me to start another topic?