Creating a front page hero area using Crelly, which contains a image and a video


I have searched for a started topic which uses the Crelly Slider. I cannot seem to find a definitive answer.

I have built my site using the Sydney - Free Version and I am ready to buy the PRO version. I know the Pro version comes with Crelly Slider.

  1. Does Crelly support video? If the answer is yes, can the video that is shown come from Vimeo, youtube or does the video need to be self hosted?
  2. If the answer to 1. is yes, can the video playing rotate between videos and images?
  3. Does Crelly have text animations and buttons incorporated into the its Plugin.

If you go to my site, you will see the home page Hero area. What I ultimately would like is to have this same look but instead of having the Hero rotate between images, I would like it to rotate between image(s) and video(s).

Thank you for your time in helping me understand this element of my site before I purchase PRO.

Dear Steve,

> 1

Yes, it does. This feature is clearly mentioned on its description.

> 2

So you want to have something like: video in the first slide and image in the second one?

> 3

Yes. You can animate each layer you added into your slide.

Please refer to its documentation to explore some other features.


Thank you for your reply.
For #2. Yes I am looking to have an image with text, then transition to the next slide which would be a video and text, then transition again to a image with text.


ps. For your Timeline, does it have options to show the Timeline using CCS3 transitions, rather than just show on the page? It would be nice for each Date section to fade in as you scroll.


I purchased Sydney Pro today in hopes of being able to use Crelly slider to rotate between images and video. I Have successfully created a slider which you can see here in my demo area, but when it moves to the third soldier, the video does not show up. The video does show up in the Preview Dashboard Wordpress area but not on the site when live.

Could you please help me. I have been trying to solve this for 3 hours now. I am trying to add video and also make the video full width of the browser. I have done that with my images, easily, but video won’t work. I

Thank you for you time,

Hi Steven,

Please grant me to access your site admin area, so I can see your Crelly Slider setup there. For security reason, send me the working login credentials to your site admin (/wp-admin) to and mention the link to this thread.


Thank you. Sending now.

I appreciate your help. I have built a wonderful site and am very happy of the work I did and also all the help you guys provided me, which was extensive. This is one of the last items that will perfect my site.

Not sure if it is also possible to make the slider full screen. I had full screen set before and it was very nice.

Hello Kharis,

I had sent you my login credentials on Friday and hoping for an answer on integrating images and video in to my Hero area.

Looking forward to your response and also my my additional question in this thread.

Thank you,

Dear Esteban,

I replied your email 2 days ago and requested to you to temporarily disable the W3 Total Cache plugin. Didn’t you receive it?


Hi. No, sorry I didn’t not receive that email. It might have gone into my junk folder since I was home though.

I have disabled the W3 Total cache.

Have you been able to spend time on the video? Really looking forward to your response and really need to get this Hero section working.


Hello Esteban,

I am taking a look into it now. I’ll update you ASAP.