Creating a back button link

Hi there, I am using sydney to create a portfolio based website and it’s going quite well. I’m using the project gallery feature to show my images and I think the categories will be useful in the viewer being able to select what category to see.

When the viewer clicks on the thumbnail that they want to see it will take them to a clean page with a bigger picture and some text. I want to be able to create a button or text link that will go back to the page before and still show the category settings filtered results. Can this be done at all?

I’ve tried creating a ‘back’ button and relinking to my portfolio page, but the category shows all again, rather than the filtered results as if you had clicked ‘back page’ in your browser.

My website so far is at

The top left image links to a back text link that is not really as I would like it and shows all categories.

I hope this makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated.



You can add back button ( which acts like the browser’s back button ) with this code:

<input type="button" value="Go Back From Whence You Came!" onclick="history.back(-1)" />

Best Regards,

thanks, that worked