"Create your menu here" Removal



I am facing the issue where I can’t remove “create your menu here” on the top right or rather the header.

I read a few posts about this and the people were told to download custom CSS and add a specific code:

.mainnav {
display: none;

That is exactly what I did. went into plugins, downloaded custom css, went into appearance > custom css > added code > updated.

However the site is still displaying the create your menu here and it directs to wordpress login. can someone please help me remove it?


anyone got any idea on it?



It should work. Could you post your link?


Sorry for the late response, the website is http://winmuscles.com and the create menu is on the top right as usual. followed the previous guide carefully, but seems to still be there


Sorry, forgot it’s targeted by ID. Do it like this:

#mainnav {
    display: none;


THank you so much! It’s now working, I really appreciate it !