Create new Widget using new Type Category


I just used the Type plugin to create a new category, however I’m unable to add it to a “row” using the SiteOrigin site builder tool.

I created a new category called “Speakers”

I can’t find the new category as a widget, eg. the “Intro FP: Services”, “intro FP: employees” to add it to a row.

I want the slug to be /speakers/ which is why i created the new category.

Any help please?

Thank you!


That’s not how it works unfortunately. The widgets are coded manually, they are not created with Types. Types only holds the custom post types (which I’m guessing is what you refer to as categories).

oh i see…so there is no way around it?

the only option then is to use one of the existing “widgets” and rename it. which i have just done, replaced Services > Presenters