Create extra menu location in Astrid

Hi I have a menu for the homepage that jumps down to the relevant sections on the homepage and also has links to additional pages.

On the additional pages I would like to have a new menu that doesn’t have the links to the homepage sections.

Under menu settings / display locations there are only two locations ie. Primary and Footer. So the Homepage menu appears on all pages. So what I need is an extra location so I can a custom menu to pages.

How can I add the new location for my new pages menu?

Thanks very much

Hello Bibs,

You can check this plugin:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman

Many thanks for your response.

Unfortunately I am unable to install this plugin and get the following error when installing from WordPress plugin library - The plugin does not have a valid header.

I have also tried to download it from the webpage but the install fails.

I have looked online for fix and have consequently checked that the zip file doesn’t contain another zip file.

I see other users have had the same problem and didn’t get a fix but will post my error here -

In the meantime can you offer any further advice please?

Many thanks indeed


Bibs, yeah, it looks like author doesn’t maintain that plugin properly.

Manual solution seems to require some coding and testing, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can find a reputable freelancer on Upwork for this kind of service.

Kind Regards, Roman.

OK Roman, many thanks for getting back to me.

Best wishes


You are welcome Bibs, and thank you for understanding.

Kind Regards, Roman.