Create bookmark from employee widget to different page


I’m using the employee widget on the front page to display my employees, but I’d like their bio’s to display together on a different page. Since they’re all technically using the same link, I’d like the page to scroll to each individuals row. I know this can be achieved with HTML bookmarks, but since I’m using the widget I can’t see the HTML. Could someone walk me through how to achieve this? Thanks!

(my website:
(the page I’d like to link to/ use bookmarks for:

p.s. the page in question is still under development, I’m using a pre-built layout that’s close to how I want the final layout to be. I’m sorry if this is confusing, this is my first time building a website!


Hello JD,

I am sorry for I can’t understand well. Do you mean adding an extra button that links to other page in the Employee widget? Please advise.



So sorry, I’m very new at this!

On my frontpage, I have have four employees in the Employees widget. If you look in the main menu, I have a page called “The Chica’s”. This is where I will have each employee’s biographical information together organized by rows, instead of each having their own page.

I know that each employee’s name can serve as a hyperlink. I would like each employee to link to the same page (the one titled “The Chica’s”) but to automatically scroll to their corresponding rows, similar to how HTML bookmarks work. Does this make sense or should I create a video to show you what I mean?


Hello there,

In the Employee Link option, enter this link: 

Use this format for your other employees and adjust the ID element target (pg-578-1) with the section’s ID where it should link to.

pg-578-1 is the ID name of your “Our Brand” section. It isn’t visible in the frontend, you can find it in the source code by using the web browser’s inspector tool. On Firefox, right click and select Inspect Element. Please see this screencast:



Thank you so much Kharis, this is exactly what I was looking for! You’ve been so helpful!

You’re most welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.