Create an "nice" anchor within PageBuilder (on front page) - Sydney Pro

Hi everybody,

to show the many possibilities that can be done on WordPress & Sydney, and with PageBuilder, I wanted to create an anchor on the front page - but just one - other items of the menu lead to different pages.
So I did this :
On Page Builder plugin, I edited Row > Attributes > Row ID. Added my ID there, “about”. In the structure of the Menu, for this item I added a personnalised link
[If I only put #about, then on another page if I click on it the link will not lead anywhere]

So : that’s fine for the front page, the row is perfectly shown.
But, it we come from a different page, the row is to high and its title is hidden by the menu - ugly !

Any idea to make it perfect ?

Thanks !

See the results : image2


Yes, this is something a few people have requested and we’ll try to find a solution to handle it for the next update.

OK Vlad ! When do you plan the next update approximately ?

I’m hoping sometime this week.

Please refer to the solution in this topic:
Not really sure at this point if this is something we’ll do in the theme itself, so you might want to grab the custom code from there.

Ok I 'll try later and let you know. Thanks for your answer Vlad !

Well done, @Vlad, it works perfectly well !