Create a simple button


It’s me, once again :smiley:
This time, i would like to create a button on container page.

I can’t show you my website because i’m using mamp to work on local network but here one screen to show you the code i written :

But nothing appears on the page. And sometimes I just have the text but not the box around … I hop i’m clear …

I don’t want to use the SiteOrigin Button Widget because i want to possibiliy to put a button where and when I want. Or, it’s not possible to put a button in the middle of a text (for example) with this widget.

Do you know how I can do this ?

Thank you

Hi, I think that you can’t place button in moesia widgets on front page, you must use separate row with text widget to place your content and HTML markup (like button) and it will work. Button and any other markup will also work on posts and pages.

Okay, thanks for answering.
I’m going to see if i can reduce the margin for “so-panel widget widget_text container only”, and not for all the container on the frontpage.