Create a similar page to the home page to make a sales page

Would it be possible to create a page similar to the home page (with the widgets) to make it a sales page? do you have an idea?

Thanks for the time you spend helping us, it’s a real pleasure to read your solutions


Hi Dylan,

Yes you can create similar page with the home page, make sure you are using “Fullwidth” template for the page attribute then add your widget using the page builder. And you might need a custom CSS to remove the space around the widgets.


Hi Awan,

Thanks for these instructions, I used “fullwidth” for the page attribute, but then when I click on the page and try to change the widgets, the only ones I can edit are the footer 1, 2, and 3 widgets.

Do you need screenshot?

Best regards

Do not use the “Fullwidth” template preset - use “Widgetized” instead.

Perfect, thank you very much it works