Create a Portfolio Page

Please let me how to add a portfolio page to my website

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Try these steps:

  1. Create project entries with the Sydney Toolbox plugin;
  2. Create a new ‘Portfolio’ page and enable page builder in the editor;
  3. Insert the ‘Sydney FP: Portfolio’ widget to show your projects.

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aThemes Support


I have created a Portfolio page as suggested by you

However, I am unable to add the following websites in the portfolio list. Please assist


eCommerce Online Stores:

Mobile Apps:

Hello Support, I am still awaiting update from you.

As mentioned earlier, I would like to add listed projects in 3 categories. When the user selects the project it should taken them to the respective website. Please let me know, if you have a video that demonstrates how to add projects using “Sydney Toolbox plugin”

Note: Ideally, for each Project, I would like to see a picture related to the Project and when this picture is selected it should take it to the project website.