Crazy amounts of padding/margin after update

Just applied the latest Moesia Pro update (in staging, thank goodness), and now all the front-page panels have tons of extra whitespace around them. This also has the lovely side-effect of making the “call to action” panel no longer “full width”…
I already have a child theme, can you give some guidance on what I need to override to “fix” this?

apparently fighting some caching, even though I don’t have any caching on this site, and I’m using a private window with caching disabled in the dev console… weird.
Anyway, still have a couple tweaks to make, but those are on custom panels.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble. I’d be glad to help. But, please share a link to your site here, so I can have closer look.


No worries, I got it all sorted now. I’m using a custom_html widget/panel on the front page that lost it’s padding with the new CSS changes, but I was able to fix it in my child theme:

I did run into another problem with SiteOrigins Panels, because their front-flex.css breaks the layout, see
Fixed it by disabling that css file for now, and sent an email to their support team, so we’ll see what they say.