Crashed admin panel after editing fp-facts.php in Appearance > Editor


I was using the fact widget. I only used 3 out of the 4 facts and saw the 3 were misaligned.

I followed instructions after searching:

After editing fp-facts.php in Appearance > Editor, I have a 500 Internal Server Error after updating the file. Obviously I messed up something here.

Please do not tell me it my host. Several people have had this problem after modifying CSS.

Any way to undo it? I have FTP access still. I can’t find fp-facts.php!

HEEEELPPP!!! I can’t even access the WP dashboard… Thanks!


Why would it be your host? And what does CSS have to do with it? You broke a PHP file :slight_smile:

You’ll have to delete Sydney completely from FTP and then re-install (without losing anything).
Or if you want locate the file in the widgets folder and get the contents of fp-facts.php from here.

Thanks for the quick reply Vlad.

Yes, I did break the php file it seems.

I’m currently downloading the entire contents on FTP to my local drive.

I still cannot find where sydney, widgets, or fp-facts.php is located.

Worst case scenario if i have to delete sydney and re-install, where would i upload the files to? (I have already downloaded and unpacked the .zip file)

Thanks again

It’s in wp-content/themes/sydney.

You don’t need to upload the files manually, you can just re-install the theme from your dashboard.

But I can’t even reach my dashboard. is showing the error 500

How can I fix with FTP?

I know you can’t reach your dashboard, that’s why you have to follow the path I posted above and delete the Sydney folder using FTP. Then you’ll be able to reach your dashboard.

Thanks for clarifying.

I found the folder, deleted it, and still same error. I uploaded new sydney and same error.

I’m doing a fresh install now. Thanks for your help though.