Couple Questions: Contact Page/Map & Menu Bar, Etc


I have a couple questions that I am stumped on figuring out within the template.

  1. I would like to create almost an exact copy of the Contact Page on the Sydney Pro Demo. I would like to insert the Google Map stretched from end to end of screen. I am able to insert the map widget but cannot figure out how to extend from edge to edge of screen. Instead my map remains centered with margins on each side. Also what are the exact widgets being used in the demo: Map, Contact Form Info, and the “Director of Customer Happiness” Contact Info on the right side column?

  2. I have 7 items on my top bar menu of each page. This many items causes the page to show two rows. Is there a way to extend the area of the menu bar across the entire screen from right to left? Or can the bar be locked to not drop down a row?

  3. I have an featured image header for my internal pages of the site. Is there a way to block the opacity darkening of the header image - so that it shows at 100% opacity?

  4. Is there a way to increase the size of the text via template for individual pages or sections of a page?

Thanks so much for you help!

to view our page so far…

Thanks again for any help on these issues :slight_smile:


  1. There are no widgets used on the Contact page. You just need to assign the Contact page template, save your page and have a look at the fields that show up below your page editor.
  2. You could extend it to 100% as you’re not using a site title. Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.header-wrap .col-md-8 {
    width: 100%;

.single-header-image .overlay {
      background: transparent;

  1. You can increase it for individual pages only with custom CSS. Let me know one of the pages you would like to increase it on.

Thank you kindly! Everything you mentioned and provided worked like a charm. Again excellent support service.

In regard to item number (4) - I think I should be okay. I used the Rich Text Editor and used the header options to make the text larger. Is there an easy way to change the font from the header style though? The site is almost complete and if the font is not liked by my boss, then I assume I would need to change the font and sizes of text for individual pages.



normally you can change font colors and sizes via appearence - customizer - fonts/colors.

Kind regards