Couple questions about theme

How can i change the pagination from older post newer posts to a number system?
I hope you know what i mean…

I found a small visual bug, at least on my site. Always the last post of a page has it.
if you look at the post the “+” is slightly out of line. See screenshot.

Is there a way to limit the heights of the displayed featured image, even if the height of the image is taller as the threshold?
As you can see on my site, i have some portrait pictures as featured images, but i would like them to be not as “tall” as they are. maybe just the same height as portrait or maybe I can set a certain threshold. and the image gets cut after it. Best would be if it would pick the center part of the image, but thats optional…

can you fix your menu if its displayed on small devices. Submenus oly work if they are hovered by the mouse, but there is no mouse pointer on smartphones… would be nice if you could add like a little button with a triangle or a + to expand the menu to see the submenu items. for me i need at least 3 levels. also it would be nice once the sub menu is opened, it stays open if you scroll.
I tried currentyl a couple plugins but they all have the same issue…

How can I display the slider only on the first page? right now if i click on older posts, it goes to page 2, 3, 4 and so on but it always shows the slider up on top…

the site is:
Forgot to mention it in the previous post

is the support missing this thread? I woudl like to have the offset on the “+” button fixed and also mobile menu is a nightmare :frowning:

could anybody reply to my issues or whats going on here? support zero!?!?

Hi Iwan,

We had a conversation via email about your previous issues. What do you still need help with?

Hi Charlie,

thanks for getting back :slight_smile:
Okay, i would like to display the slider only on the frontpage, if somebody clicks page 2,3,… it shouldnt show the slider anymore up on top.

Also i need some help with the menu for mobile devices. I currently replaced yours with a third party menu, which has a better structure.

only problem i have is. it lets me expand submenus, but i have to click the arrow once then it will expand the submenu and close it right away again, if i click it again. it stays open.
I tried many different third party menu replacements, and all have this issue. could it be to your script, which flips the featured images arround?