Couldn't install PERTH


I am new to WordPress. Just downloaded the PERTH and installed as a sub-directory in the existing website. Created the Database on the CPanel. Tried to run the URL, code 404. It didn"t install the website. Read the instruction from the net and realized there was no wp-config.php. Created the file from sample in the net. Uploaded to the root of the sub-directory where the function.php is. Still Error Code 404. The files permission rights are rw-r–r--. Do you need to change the right permission for the files uploaded.

Is there a file missing in the ZIP download.

What could be wrong in what I have done?

Kind regards,

Dear Ravin,

It seems like you are having trouble installing a WordPress machine. Please follow the instructions on WordPress Codex. To install the Perth theme, please follow this instructions. To setup your site to look like our Pert demo, please see the documentation.


Hi Kharis,

The downloaded files does not have the wp-config-sample.php file. I am not sure if the zip files are complete. I’ve asked a friend who installed Sydney some time ago without any problem to have a look. He too is facing problems installing PERTH.

Do you have a zip file that’s working, with the wp-config-sample.php file included.

Hope to receive a response soon. I am getting frustrated to the extend of Deleting and Creating database on CPanel several times.

With kind regards,

Hello there,

Basically, the wp-config-sample.php you mentioned is part of the WP core files which contains database configuration. You will never get this file on our Pert theme package. In order to make everything more clearer, could you please confirm if you have been able to access your WP admin (


Hi Pak Kharis,

No, not possible. It’s showing Error 404.

Terima Kasih,

Hello Pak Ravin,

That indicates that you haven’t yet properly installed WordPress. Please read the tutorials on how to install it from the links below:

Selamat malam. :slight_smile: