Could it be possible to change the project title color?


The way your theme shows the “our work” is beautiful. When the mouse touch the photo, the photo turn to the primary color and show the project title. I love this effect so much. But can I change the color from black to other color? demonstration


Hi there,

Use custom css code below in order to change portfolio list text hover color:

.roll-project .project-title {
    color: #ffcc00;

Of course, change color value to your liking. You can apply the code with this plugin In case that it is not working on your site, then please share your site link in your next reply.

Best Regards!


Thanks for you support! Unfortunately it doesn’t work. And I am sorry that I cannot provide you a link as it is built in the localhost. What else can I do to solve this problem?


Hi again,

Unfortunately nothing. Share your site link when site becomes live.

All the Best!


Ok. Will ask again when it becomes live. Thanks!