Copyright free version and top button

Hello, first I would like to say how much i loove this theme, it’s beautiful!
I would like to ask a question about modifications in a free version that i am using for the beginning. I am not a professional, so any help would be great! :slight_smile:

I found in theme options a place where is supposed to be possible to change a copyright text, but for some reason, when i save it, nothing changes. Can i make a copyright text in the footer?

And the arrow for the top of the page, a button is also bothering me on the homepage, how can i make it clickable, is it possible in a free version too? if not, please can you give me an advice how could i erase it?

thank you in advance!


There is no place in the theme options to change the copyright text. You can create a child theme and overwrite the footer.php file and add your copyright if you want.

I don’t really understand what you mean about the back to top button.


1. In Free version you have to edit theme folder / footer.php file and to change it to your liking, like this . Please note that for this kind of modifications, you should use child theme, copy footer.php into child theme folder and make modifications from there. In this way changes will be permanent after theme updates.

2. Back to top button work on free theme, can you post your page link so we can inspect that.

Best Regards

Thank Youu both!!
I resolved everything, You helped me a lot :))
Back to the top works great now, i didn’t upgrade to wordpress 4.3. till yesterday :slight_smile: so now everything is fine :))
thanks again! :))

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Sorry for the rookie question, but where can we find the child theme folder to copy and modify the footer.php from parent theme? Thanks!

@stephamc: you can create your own or download the one we made from the documentation page. Either way, I suggest you read more on Child Themes.

Thanks, @Vlad! Will definitely read up!