Cookie Banner or Widget on the start Page?

Is it possible to add a widget to the start page?
I am looking for a solution around the “Jetpack: Cookie” (Show a banner for compliance with the EU Cookie Law and the DSGVO). widget. Or do you have another solution?

Greetings from Germany

Hello there,

Currently there is no way to add widget on frontpage without a page builder.

Alternatively, you can use a shortcode for the cookie banner notice and add the below function in your child theme’s functions.

    function my_child_theme_add_footer_cookie_consent_notice() {
    	if ( is_front_page() ) :
    		echo do_shortcode( '[your_shortcode_here]' );
    add_action( 'wp_footer', 'my_child_theme_add_footer_cookie_consent_notice');

You can use this plugin, which provides a shortcode, instead of Jetpack.

In case you aren’t running a child theme, you can use Code Snippets plugin to add function the same way to your site.

I hope this reply helps.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day ahead :slight_smile:

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