Converting from pro to free version


I just converted to pro and the whole website has changed- lost losts of fonts, the order. I read some more information and it said we wouldn’t use any content but, because it is a different theme, your Customizer settings will be reset, so if you’ve made a lot of changes you might want to export them to Sydney Pro and to do this there is some information about how to instal and activate a plug in- which you need to do while having the free version of sydney open. I didn’t do this before I installed the new theme of sydney pro. Do you think I can still activate this plug in? I am really worried I have lost the old website. can you give me some advice? thanks a lot.


​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

I am not sure you’ll be able to retain the settings under the customizer after switching to free version of Sydney. Especially th settings that are only available on Sydney Pro. Because theme’s settings are tied with each theme, which is identified by the folder name. Both Sydney and Sydney Pro are actually two different themes as they have different folder names.

Adding, is there any specific reason why you are going to switch to the free version?

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