Convert to Pro

So if I purchase the Pro version, how do I install it, or upgrade my 3 sites to it? I have 2 sites using the standard version, but the customization feature is not working right. It always says that the session timed out and I need to log in again, but I’m logged in.

Hi, it’s new theme, released few days ago. You will be among for now :slight_smile: not many people who have it.

I suppose it will be delivered to you as separate theme, which is the case for other Pro versions.

Pretty sure the session timed out error isn’t theme related. Is it happening on both your sites?

Yes, it happens when I go into customize for the theme for and Note that I can still change most of the settings even though the login screen is showing where the preview normally is.

On your website it might be due to the redirect. Not sure about the other one though. Anyway, the problem most likely is somewhere else because the theme can’t reset your login cookies or de-authentificate you. You can check with a different theme to confirm.