Content Xml file

With my ipad I can’t save and upload the xml-file in Types. With another theme of yours last year you sent me a working solution with a link to pastebin. So with that it was possible for me to copy the content of that xml- file and paste it in the section below the uploader where it says Paste Code Here in Types. Is it possible you can help me the same way, sent me a link to pastebin for the content of xml-file now for this Perth theme? Thanks!

Hi, sorry for a delay, but here it is:

Sincerely, Roman.

Thanks so much. Sorry, last few months I was too busy with other websites. This morning I checked this again, finally. But… Unfortunately i am getting a false rapport:

Fout bij het parseren van XML
AttValue: " or ’ expected
attributes construct error
Couldn’t find end of Start Tag a line 168
Opening and ending tag mismatch: description line 168 and a
Opening and ending tag mismatch: field line 163 and description
Opening and ending tag mismatch: fields line 139 and field
Opening and ending tag mismatch: types line 1 and fields
Extra content at the end of the document

Hello @SFreij,

I don’t understand the language of error’s first two lines, but are you sure that you imported it with Types and not with WordPress Importer?

Kind Regards, Roman.