Content sitting left of center


My front page and headers are nice and centered, but it seems that all the text and widgets in the body of my sub pages that I’ve created in layout all seem to sit left of center.

I’ve tried playing around with it but can’t seem to get the content centered. Not sure whats causing the issue.



Hi Daniel,

Could you please to share your site URL here?


Hi Aman,

Unfortunately I can’t share the URL as it is on an internal server that will be made public once the website is complete.

Not sure if someone previous to me has had the same issue and had maybe shared theirs. It’s almost as if the text is laid out as if there is a sidebar on the right of the page, expect there is no sidebar there, just white space, making all the page content sit to the left.


Hi Aman,

I figured out where I went wrong and have resolved my issue.

Thanks you anyways for your help!


Can you share your solution?