Content Scrambling

At times throughout the day, my website will randomly scramble content - aside from the home page and the contact page.

The website is The “Office” page will sometimes display self-storage segments, and segments from the consulting page will show past edits or show up on the “Our Company” page.

This website is scheduled to go live on Monday. After contacting godaddy, and scouring wordpress, I’m at a loss. I’m wondering if it’s a site builder plugin (the one recommended here) issue, but if I delete it I’ll lose my work.

Any tips for troubleshooting would be really appreciated.




Have you try to clear the cache of your browser or deactivate the cache plugin if you installed it? and try to re-saved the permalink even you are not make some modification on it.

Hi Awan,

I forgot to mention I’ve flushed the cache several times. I’ve frequently updated the pages, even when I haven’t made changes.

I don’t have any cache plugins.

Thank you for the quick reply!