Content on page services shows up again

Hi guys,
I have installed the quill fp services on the frontpage of my webside. (You see it at: was sie wollen) When I click the link for example „ READ MORE“ of „scharfe grafik“ the content of the frontpage appears again on the right side of the page. I cannot get rid of it. I would like to show my latest news at this place as you have it in your demonstration. How can I manage this?



You are using Quill FP: service widgets on the sidebar and the widgets are not supported yet for the sidebar, its for the page only. Maybe you can use “Recent post” widgets for the sidebar.

Hi Awan,

thanks for your advice. I now deleted it from the sidebar and it works as you said. But I cannot colour the cell around the article. If you could tell me how to do this I would be very glad.


I think the background color is come from widget setting