Content on every page got unreadable after adding an image to the slider

I really love the Sydney theme. It’s really versatile.

My website is

Last night the site was working properly. This morning I added an image to the Header Slider. Once I saved it, everything on the website became left-aligned; all the content goes down on the very left of the page. I deleted the image from the slider but the site still has the same issue. I didn’t change anything else on the site and I’m really lost. I’m new to this so any help is appreciated.

I resolved the issue by activating the Hero Image widget. Thanx for all the help.

Sorry again. Once I activated Hero Image widget; a lot of widgets gone missing. Pls look at the website; in some sections content is missing; in others images etc. Why is this happening?

Try using WP-Rollback and undo the update to the Site Origins plug-in. Try the below listed Versions after using WP-Rollback. Hope it helps. I just went through 4 hours of hell.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin
Version 2.4.25 | By SiteOrigin | View details

Select SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
Version 1.8.1

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the trouble you’re having. Let me ask one thing, what version of Page Builder plugin are you running?


@Pawsinmotion Thank you for the tip. I tried WP-Rollback; it worked for some widgets and for others, they were still missing. I spent about 5 hrs of changing the widgets on the site.

@Kharis I’m running Page Builder Version 2.5.0 and Widgets Bundle Version 1.8.2.

Hey, thanx for fixing the issue. All the widgets are back this morning.

Great! You got it resolved. Please let us know if further issues come up.

Have a nice day!