Content Blocks


I am curious as to how to replicate the design of the demo for Intro. For example, there are different designs for each block. “Facts” has a background image, and “Latest Posts” has a flat red color fill.

I cannot seem to figure out how to replicate this on my side.

Any suggestions?


Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway!

Hi @alexscheer can you please walk me through the procedure for changing the background colors and images of content blocks??

Go to Pages --> Front Page (or however you named it) --> Page Builder (if you’re not on that setting). Once you are looking at the content blocks, there is a settings icon (small gear) on the right hand side of the block. It’s in between the delete and move buttons. Once clicked, you’ll be able to change your page from full default to full width, the color, the background color, and insert a background image.

*default…not full default, haha.

Thank You @alexscheer :slight_smile:

@Jeevan you’re welcome. You don’t happen to know how where to add an image to your employee box do you? As in a head shot.

Sorry @alexscheer, Even I am having the same problem. I tried every way to add the image, but I couldn’t figure it out!

@Jeevan, dang okay. Hopefully someone explains that. What about for the call-to-action buttons on the header–how to link them to a content block?

@alexscheer If you figure it out, can you let me know how to add it? I will try and let you know if I get it :slight_smile:

Sorry, @alexscheer I am not using the Call-to-action block in my website!!

@alexscheer do you happen to know how to add an extra button at the header area?

An extra one, notwithstanding the two that already available?

No, actually I wanted three buttons in the header area! That’s why I asked :slight_smile:

The Employee photo is the very first field in the set of employee custom fields :slight_smile:

I see the employee info box, but that’s it.

@Vlad, I am not entirely sure where you mean. I go to “Employees” --> “John Doe” --> “Employee Info” and don’t see anything other than the position, facebook, twitter, and the like.

That’s strange. Perhaps something went wrong when I exported the settings file. I just changed it, please get it again and import it:

I will not loose the information and designs I’ve already put in place, right?

Nope, it will just overwrite the post types and custom fields without affecting their content, and hopefully add the missing photo field.