Content block displaying in a single paragraph isntead of having rich formatting


I would like to have one section of my website displaying posts related to that section. I have created posts and categorised them accordingly, however even when the block is set as content, it shows up as a single paragraph.

Is there any way to fix it? I attached a screenshot for reference.


Under the excerpt options, set 0 for “Max Length ( amount of words )”

25 AM


Hi Kharis,

This item is grayed out and empty for me… If I set any value, it is displayed as excerpt. If I put 0 as suggested, it shows the text as content (so I can click on links, etc), however everything is in a single block. When I publish changes and go back to the editing area and go to excerpt tab, the Max Length is null (no value is shown) as per picture:

please help!

Hello there,

The max length option is only aimed for excerpt which the content is a plain text with and no HTML tags allowed. I am sorry as ther’s no way to change this default behavior, nothing we can help. It’s really a feature limitation.