Contactform on the demo sites are not showing

[contact-form-7 id=“340” title=“Sydney”] (Here I created a new contact form on the bottom)

I am not the only one…
If you search on google for [contact-form-7 id=“340” title=“Sydney”] it will show up with a lot of websites having the same issue…

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting.

It happens due to the Contact Form 7 plugin is inactive. Or the ID doesn’t match as it’s given randomly by the system – the demo file can’t really recognize it. If you got this error, the first thing to do is to create a contact form and match its ID number.


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OK thanx for the reply Kharis.

So first of all, If you wish to use the Sydney Theme, you’ll have to install the Contact Form 7 plugin before installing/activating the Sudney theme ??

Yes. But it’s optional – depending on our need. Every site shouldn’t have a contact form. Or, Contact Form 7 can be replaced with another one.


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As told so, I installed and activated the Contact Form 7 plugin. (Thank you Kharis!!)

Step1. On the leftside Contact -> Contactform -> Duplicated the already excisting Contactform -> renamed it to “Sydney”(without the “”) ((Or whatever you want to name the Form))
You will find the Shortcode behind the name, for sample [contact-form-7 id=“695” title=“Sydney”]
Copy the Shortcode!!

Step 2.On the leftside Pages -> Select the page with the contactform -> click Edit on the Contactform widget.
Delete the excisting code [contact-form-7 id=“340” title=“Sydney”]
Paste the new code you just copied before [contact-form-7 id=“695” title=“Sydney”]

Title was empty, just name it… I wrote “Contact”

Click Save and update the page.

Awesome! You did a really god job. Thank you so much for sharing it here. Really appreciate it.

Have a nice day!


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