Contact Template


I’ve imported page builder data, your demo data for WP, moved page-templates to root of the theme. I created a new page for “Contact” purposes and selected the Contact template. When I do so, this happens. Take a look at the image.

dropbox image

Also, when you look at the footer widget area, the icons for “contact” looks quite different and larger than in your demos.


The widget you’re using in the footer is meant for front page use within the page builder. Use the other one please.

Can’t figure out what’s wrong on your contact page just by looking at your image. Basically you just need to create a new page, assign the Contact template, publish the page so WordPress knows what page template is being used, then fill in the data. Not sure why you would want to move the folder though.

Thanks for the reply.

I copied the page-templates from the folder and put them in root since they were placed in root in another theme from you guys I’m using. I was just assuming it was the correct way. :wink: Nevermind, I deleted the copies in root and it works fine.

Regarding footer widget, found the correct one, so that one is fixed as well. Thanks!