Contact Template doesn't work

I purchased Sidney Pro and I’m trying to customize my contact page as SydneyPro Contact Page Demo but it doesn’t work.
Could you give me the steps to make possible that?
I make this steps:

  1. Go to Pages in the Sydney Pro Dashboard
  2. Select “New Page”
  3. Select as template: Contact
  4. In the Page builder I add “Sydney FP: Contact” and “Site Origin Google Maps” in different rows but I can’t find the “Contact Form” widget to add.

I know I’m making something or everything wrong. Could you help me?

Thank you so much in advance

Hello there,

Try to do the following steps:

  1. Edit you contact page > select “Contact” template > hit update button
  2. Now you will have a “Contact info” meta box
  3. Enter your address in the field that says “Enter your address for the map marker”
  4. Fill out other fields necessarily


Thank you so much Kharis. That works. I can see the Google Map and the contact information, but not the contact form. I have a new question, how fill this field: “Enter your Contact Form 7 ID”.

Thank you in advance for your help!!

You must create a contact form by using the Contact Form 7 plugin. Each form will be given a unique ID. Enter this ID into that field.


Thank you Kharis again. Now it works perfectly.